Hey! We’re the two founders of yan-yee, Michelle and Jono.

As often happens our story is a deeply personal journey that begins with years of difficulty. Of frustration. Of lying in bed scratching (we know some of you can relate) and letting your skin take control of your life beyond what it should do.

Yup - eczema! That thing your friends don’t really understand but likes to take over your life at a moments notice, is something Michelle has suffered with since childhood.

Like many of you she spent her life bouncing from cream to cream trying to take back control of her skin, but was left stuck without any safe, effective, long term solutions.

That seemingly never ending cycle of flare ups led Michelle home to Hong Kong, to Traditional Chinese Medicine and to the discovery of a number of natural ingredients that transformed her skin. Eczema - be gone!

Witnessing this first hand, Jono became inspired to return to the UK and formulate products designed around these life-changing botanical ingredients.

Fast-forward 2 years and after much thinking, planning, testing, tinkering and testing again, we got there! Our vision released to the world, for all those who suffer from eczema-prone skin :)

We truly hope it can do as much for you as it has done for us.

- Michelle and Jono